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Mukono, Uganda -- June 2009

Mukono is a village that is known for its high crime and witchcraft. Murders, robberies, and rapes are commonplace. It's notoriety of crime often fills the news of the Ugandan capital city of Kampala. A chief of witchcraft lives near the church. The oppression is high. Evil fills the air in town. And yet there is a sense of peace on the church grounds.

Mukono can be changed for Jesus Christ. It is an area that is ripe for the intertwine of prayer and evangelism. It is in desperate need for the gospel and for the equipping of pastors. We have been asked to return and conduct a pastor's conference in the area.

Pastor Davis Kigosi and his wife Betty are looking for hope in a community built on hopelessness. They are looking for light in an area of darkness. Can hope flourish in Mukono? Only through the love of Jesus Christ. Can the darkness be removed? Only through the power of the Holy Spirit answering the heartfelt prayers of those who know Him intimately (2 Chron 7:14)

Please join us in prayer for Mukono. Please pray for the Mukono Community Church as they seek to be light to a very dark world. Pray for the safety of Pastor Davis and his wife Betty, and for the safety of their congregation. Pray for the love of Jesus to pour forth upon this area and for the witchcraft to be eradicated. Please pray for us as we seek God's will about conducting a pastor's conference in the area in the near future.

Matthew 7:7-8