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Throughout east Africa there are many widows and orphans depending on the location. This is especially true in the war torn nations or areas. Disease and aids are also huge factors. As a result, many of the children test HIV positive.

Burundi is ranked as the third poorest nation in the world. It is only a few years removed from a 15-20 year civil war. Its widow and orphan population is large. Many of the widows are young. Many of the youth are single parents or heads of households. Most orphans are street orphans as there are very few orphanages in Burundi.

One key church we work with takes to heart Christ’s mandate to care for the widows and orphans. The church in Gatumba has been built on prayer and faith. It has been sustained by God’s grace and the leading of the Holy Spirit. It is here where we do much of the widow and orphan work in Burundi.

On every visit, Esther teaches at a 7:00 am children’s church. Normally there are 300-500 children present. Not only are they hungry for physical food, but they are hungry for spiritual food as well.

Grace Extended Ministries has also put on Vacation Bible Schools for the kids. Each attracted 1000 to 3000 children. When we put on a Vacation Bible School, we not only feed the children spiritually, but also with a wholesome meal as well. Many have said that the lunch we feed them is the largest and the best meal they will eat in six months.

Esther also teaches the widows of Gatumba on each visit. Some are in their twenties and some bring babies who are nursing. They are looking for hope, and Esther's loving care encourages them. Esther also ministers to women in Kenya and Uganda.