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Kenya's Diversity

Kenya is land to many tribes, cultures, and passions. Nairobi is the economic hub of east Africa and Swahili serves as the east African business language. Despite the prominence of Nairobi and the growing multi cultural aspect of that city, the remainder of the country is extremely diverse in tradition.

Because of its many tribes and cultures, Kenya poses unique opportunities for the teaching and proclamation of the gospel. While Nairobi is blessed with several bible colleges, most Kenyan pastors are untrained, not able to afford a formal education. Grace Extended Ministries is working closely with the Manna Bible Institute to help train and equip those who cannot afford formal Bible training.

For several years Kenya has worn the label of a Christian nation. Like many nations throughout the world who carry this label, the number of Christians in Kenya is slowly diminishing. Lack of proper biblical training, false teachers, and a mixture of tribal customs in theological teaching and preaching has served to erode the once stronger foundation. The Christian leaders who have biblical training are concerned.

Because of its strong economic presence, the eyes of many nations are on Kenya. Its influence in all aspects of life is great throughout east Africa. Growing a strong Christian presence in Kenya is important as they serve as a light to many other nations.